Why Should You Have Gardening Activities with Your Children?

Doctors always recommend outdoor activities for children and elderly people. Children tend to like being outside. They are filled with energy and they love using their imagination to create outdoor adventures.


Gardening offers great opportunity for children to join their parents and to come closer with elder family members.

#First, questions will arise as kids start to plant seeds and when the plants start to grow.

Typical ones are “How does the plant grow?”, “How does the seed know its way out into the sun?”, “How much larger will it grow?”. Curiosity not only offers children great awareness and knowledge about the world that is not learned at school, but it also enforces a greater understanding of how living beings are born, grow and die.

#Second, by cultivating their own plants, children can develop better eating habits.

They will love eating plants that they have grown in their garden. They will be interested in knowing the different set of advantages different vegetables offer and how food can help them grow as soil does with the plants.

#Third, gardening helps children develop team working skills.

Besides, it also offers opportunity for creative development. They will be choosing plant alternatives, the order in which they will be planted, their locations as well as decorations for the pots and the containers.

Decoration is an essential part of our gardens as we want to plant and cultivate what fits best to our garden and our house. Choosing together the plants, their combinations and the colors of the pots is a great teamwork activity that will reinforce family bonding.

Children will learn that it needs a common effort to keep a good garden and that every family member has their own role to play for the common wellbeing.

Source: lolaflora.com