Things to Keep in Mind While Moving House Garden Plants

Well, moving a house is a very stressful task, and more stressful task is to pack all the indoor stuff. Even more stressful is to move your beloved plant from old home to new home maintaining the suitable climate during the shifting process moving and after placing it to your new garden. Gardens are always like a cherry on a cake; they always add value to your property. Some plants are very expensive, some unusual and some are even hard to find.

If US stats are to be considered, only about 60% of Americans live in the state they were born in. On an average, an American moves more than 10 times during his/her lifetime.

Before choosing the plants which you have to take along, find out more about the climate of the new place and decide on which plants will survive in such conditions. Things like soil type and climate out there will affect the growing conditions of plants.

It’s always preferred to save seeds, divide the plants, and take cuttings which will allow you to leave the original plant to your new owners/occupants and also make your transportation easier. Few seeds, cutting, and divisions will lead you to the basics to grow the new plant again for your new garden.

Planning to move your plant

Plants should have moisture before you pack them for moving.


It’s always preferred to move the plants in plastic pots as they are of light weight and made up of unbreakable materials. Clay pots are not used as they are heavy weight and prone to break during moving. Usually plants can survive without water for a week; so you don’t have to worry about watering the plants while moving. But, it is not recommended to move the plants to its new pot just before a day when you are moving as it will not get used to with its new home. So always shift the plant 2 weeks before when you’re moving.

Climatic conditions

Most of the indoor plants cannot bear temperature below 37.7 degrees Celsius. If they are not packed properly then they will not survive for more than an hour. So if you are planning for a long distance shifting then you should wrap the plants well and keep them in heated van.

Packing the plants

There are many things you have to take into consideration while transporting the plant from one house to another. Three weeks before, you have to move plant to plastic pots. And when after a week they have adjusted with the condition, trim them. Then after observing for one more week, remove parasites and bugs. Using chemicals is also one of the methods, but you can pack them in black plastic bag for 24 hours and when you unpack it make sure you throw that bag immediately.

Transporting tips

Mostly, transporting company will not transport plants, but if you’re moving all your stuffs in rental trucks then make sure you pack them properly as you can’t see them for few days until you reach your destination. It is always recommended to load the plants few minutes before you’re about to leave from home, and keep them away from any odd temperatures.