10 Essential Gardening Hand Tools

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or someone who is just starting out, having the right gardening tools is essential. Good tools may make the difference to how successful a gardener you are and how much you enjoy your gardening hobby. Here are some of the essential gardening hand tools for you to consider:

1. Spade

This of course is your basic hand gardening tool for digging, moving soil, transplanting, and all sorts of other gardening odd jobs.

2. Garden Rake

garden-rakeA rake is for more than just cleaning up jobs around the garden. Not only does it help in clearing dead leaves and other debris from the ground, it can also be very useful for covering seeds and spreading soil.

3. Long Handle Hoe or The Hand Hoe

The long handle hoe offers the convenience of not having to bend but many prefer the hand hoe; the type with a traditional flat blade.

4. Hand Trowel

The hand trowel can be used for the pots you have on your patio or roof garden as well as your outdoor garden. It’s useful for planting seedlings, weeding, and so on.

5. Pruner

prunerThis you will need in order to cut back overgrown branches, to give shape and balance to your plant, and also to cut out dead twigs, deadheads and so on.

6. Weeder

All good gardeners know that weeds not only look bad, they rob your plants of the sunshine, water and soil nutrients that they need. A weeding tool is very useful for removing weeds even from small cracks and hard to reach areas, while protecting your plants.

7. Watering Can

Rather than using a hose, a watering can is better alternative because it is a water saving device. Also it is gentle on plants and will not erode your soil the way a powerful jet from a hose may.

8. The Garden Claw

This is a three pronged garden tool that helps you loosen the earth easily, letting you turn it over in your pots and the ground to better enable oxygen and water to reach the roots.

9. Wheelbarrow

wheel-barrowThis is essential for all sorts of odds and end need taking to and fro in a typical garden: pots, containers, wires, meshes, tools, seedlings, and so on.

10. Gloves

As essential as all the other garden tools are gloves. These are things that will protect your hands and nails from moisture, gardening soil, fertilizer, and so on.