RotoShovel: A Shovel with an Auger Built for Gardeners and Landscaping

The ever-evolving manufacturing industry has changed the way people dealt with certain tasks. When we say “Shove”, a picture of an ordinary shovel suddenly comes to our mind, right? The force and time needed to dig holes using shovelare definitely stressful. This is where Rotoshovel shines. Rotoshovelcomes with a built-in auger to make your gardening and landscaping experience a pleasant one.


What is Rotoshovel?

Are you a nature lover? Do you love planting trees, flower, and vegetables in your garden? If so, you’ll love the working mechanism of Rotoshovel too. The motorized auger attached with this modern shovel dig holes following a scooping movement. In simple words, you dig holes much faster, smarter, and easily when using this motorized shovel.

How Does Rotoshovel Work?

Generally, Rotoshovel is an automated shovel with a motorized auger that runs on 12-volt (lithium-ion) battery. It can work for as long as 2 hours after charged fully. Considering its portable, you can carry it easily for outdoor projects.

Rotoshovel: A Shovel with an Auger Built for Gardeners and Landscaping

The auger attached to the shovel has a 3” diameter and 7” length – making it easier to make small holes with ease. The gearbox and the high-torque motor is the foundation of steady speed making holes through the soil. To sum it all, Rotoshovel is great for:

  • Digging holes of various sizes
  • Gardening
  • Landscaping
  • Planting greenery in your garden
  • And shoveling dirt

Last but not least, as Rotoshovel is electric yet cordless, it eliminates the interference caused due to cords inthegarden.


  • Saves time and money
  • Easy to use and operate – provide instant results
  • Water-resistant
  • Portable – can be taken anywhere
  • No labor cost
  • High-grade specifications
  • Safety


  • None


Following are some key features and specifications of Rotoshovel:

  • Weighs 5 lbs
  • 17” tall
  • Comes with a 7” motorized auger
  • 12-volt rechargeable battery that works for 1.5-2 hours
  • The handle offers a firm grip
  • Can also choose 14” extension to use it while standing

Overall, Rotoshovel is currently the best automated shovel available in the market.


The design of Rotoshovel wasn’t finalized like any other product. After thorough research, use cases, and help from renowned gardeners, Rotoshovelwas granted a portable cordless design. One don’t have to be an expert or require prior knowledge to use Rotoshove. It follows an easy-to-use mechanism which can be used by both professionals and newbies.

Who Is It For?

This easy-to-use shovel can be used by newbie gardeners but is a must-have for professional gardeners. In fact, Rotoshovel is now considered as a must-have for your landscaping or gardening gear collection. Thus, Rotoshovel can be used by outdoor lovers, amateur gardeners, greenscape maintenance companies, community gardeners, and anyone looking forward to doing some gardening or landscaping.

Final Verdict

In the end, the portable gearbox, speed, easy-to-use mechanism, and unique design makes it an essential gardening tool. Say goodbye to digging holes with an ordinary shovel that took hours and you still ended up digging a messy hole.

With Rotoshovel, one can dig small, medium, or large holes in perfect shape – making it easier to plant trees, flowers, vegetables, and more.