Porcelain Tiles for Garden Paving – Benefits and Options

For centuries, porcelain has been synonymous with beauty, elegance and fine living. And for centuries this beautiful material has been prized for its strength, durability and longevity. Today it blends beautifully into our modern lifestyles in a number of different ways.

The many benefits of porcelain tiles

The way porcelain tile is manufactured today, you have the benefit of remarkable toughness, beauty and a variety of different looks and patterns. Being waterproof, you can use porcelain tiling anywhere, including bathrooms, kitchens and elsewhere. Though the word porcelain evokes visions of delicacy and fragility, this is a formidably tough and strong material able to withstand tough treatment over a really long time. Since it is baked at very high temperatures it is very hard; and very hard wearing as well.

porcelain-tileOne of the important benefits of using porcelain tiling is that these are bacteria resistant surfaces. The smooth finish doesn’t allow bacteria to collect and grow on it, which is why you can use porcelain tiling for damp areas where bacteria would otherwise flourish. Porcelain tiles can be scratch resistant and unlike other materials, they will not dent which makes them low maintenance. The fact that they are fire resistant also makes them a good option safety wise.

These tiles can offer unbeatable beauty and versatility. They can be patterned to give the appearance of wood, granite, marble and other surfaces. And as if all these benefits weren’t enough to make porcelain a great tiling option, this is also an option that would fit into many budgets, even the more modest ones.

Your options for porcelain tiling

Historically, rooms decorated in porcelain tiling were highly prized. European palaces such as Capodimonte at Naples, the Royal Palace of Aranjuez and the Royal Palace of Madrid are decorated with porcelain tiling. The Porcelain Tower of Nanjing in China is another excellent example of the historic use of porcelain.

With modern manufacturing techniques today, porcelain is more versatile, more hard wearing and more beautiful than ever before. Porcelain can be made to look like wooden flooring. Wood grain porcelain is a practical choice when real wood flooring is impractical, unavailable or unaffordable. The tile can be manufactured in a way that it will resemble maple wood flooring or walnut wood flooring after installation.

In addition you can pick from a variety of colors, designs and finishes that complement and complete the décor of a home or office premises.


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