iHomeRegistry Makes Home Designing Easy with 3D Rendering

Whether you are looking for some inspiration for your home designing project or searching for a reliable designer, iHomeRegistry is just the right place to get started. It’s a one-stop design shop catering to homeowners and designers and offers a wide variety of tools and resources to help you create that perfect space.


For Homeowners

Redoing your home requires lots of ideas and creativity. Often you come across some designs you’d love to implement for your home but don’t find a suitable application to save it for future use. iHomeRegistry fills that gap and allows you to pin your favorite designs.

Interior designing mostly remains unorganized, making it a stressful process. You often have a tough time deciding the right color, shade, and model of the furnishings to go with your design. iHomeRegistry takes out the guesswork and smoothens the process, by enabling you to visualize the space and telling you exactly how it would look after remodeling.

Begin by signing up as a homeowner and create your profile. You can then upload your floor plans to their 3D program and start organizing your furnishings and décor. There are different packages for 3D rendering of a room, a floor, or the entire home. The program allows you to add the furniture and other items you already have, as well as the new ones you buy. You can shop right from the website, and keep track of all your purchases. It also allows you to organize your budget.

If you are looking to connect with an interior designer, the process is fairly easy. The “Inspiration Board” displays a huge list of professional designers along with their profiles and sample work. Just browse through it, find what you like, and choose the best designer that fits your budget. By default, the inspiration page is organized by room, but you can also search for designers based on zip code.

The iHomeRegistry Blog offers useful tips on redecorating and furnishing different spaces like closets, dens, and sitting areas. You can also participate in ‘Designer Fridays’ on Instagram, and ask any question you may have to the featured designer of the week.

For Builders and Designers

If you are an interior designer or a builder, iHomeRegistry can help you boost sales and close deals faster by rendering your existing floor plans and designs into 3D images. This makes it lot easier to showcase your work and capabilities to potential clients, since it helps them visualize the products and services you are pitching. You can also integrate iHomeRegistry’s 3D software into your website, and add your own selection of furniture to the 3D Catalog.

The web application connects you with potential buyers looking for the kind of services you offer. Just create yourself a business profile and upload your portfolio. iHomeRegistry showcases the work of all registered designers on their “Inspiration Board”. Their social media channels provide the much-needed additional exposure to your skills and expertise. If you are looking for still more exposure, you can choose to advertise your collections, and get them featured on the front page, for a flat monthly fee.

The iHomeRegistry Blog features a Designer Spotlight Series, which showcases the work of a featured designer. The blog is also a good place to learn the nuances of business development, and keep track of the latest trends in interior designing. The “Designer Fridays” series on Instagram gets the conversation going with a question-answer session, where followers ask questions to the featured designer of the week.

iHomeRegistry also facilitates professional networking. In addition to getting inspiration from other designers’ work, you can form a team, share your workload, and work towards achieving a common goal.

In short, iHomeRegistry is much more than just a meeting place for homeowners and designers. It’s a comprehensive platform to explore, organize, connect, and do anything and everything designing.