How to Grow Your Own Groceries in Small Spaces

Growing your own groceries would be the best and the most satisfying thing in the world. Many of us are busy with our routine activities, and there’s no time or space to create a backyard garden. But with that little time, you can grow an outdoor space that could yield a good natural produce. These home-grown vegetables and fruits enhance the taste of your food. You just have to handpick the fresh produce and that will add an extra taste to your meal. This will also cut down your expenses on groceries.


Enrich the Soil

If you have a small garden space with pots or containers, then you need to have a fertile soil. You need to take care of soil’s nutrition. Compared to large gardens, plants in small gardens need lot of nutrition since they absorb and deplete the nutrients quickly from the soil. Use regular organic compost on such soil. The harvest would be healthy, and these plants provide good nutrition. Try to rotate crops by planting different plants each season.

Try out Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardens are one option for those small spaces. By growing plants vertically, you can avoid the infestation of pests in the plants and also get a good produce. These plants help to conserve water. It requires watering only at the roots and prevents water wastage taking place from watering the plant from above.

Consider Dwarf Varieties

Almost all types of fruit trees are available in dwarf varieties. If you don’t have enough space, try planting these dwarf trees. You can plant those lemon, tangerine, plum, grape, and pear trees of dwarf varieties. If you are planting dwarf trees, remember to cross pollinate. They will produce better only if cross pollination is done.

Maximize the Yield with Companion Planting

Use the technique called companion planting. To avoid usage of huge spaces, it is recommended to grow some of these plants as companions which will increase your yield. Grow some of the onion, garlic, and other herbs below the trees. You can plant carrots below tomatoes. Radishes can be grown under cucumbers. This method will maximize the space and will yield you a good produce.

Choose Plants With High Produce

There are plants like tomato, cucumber, and squash that grow on vines. Once the vines are grown vertically, you can use the available soil to plant more. Cucumber plants don’t take much space but allow some place for these plants to climb. If you are growing cucumbers in containers, then opt for the compact bush varieties.

It needs little space for the vines to spread. Bell peppers are the best plants for a small garden. These plants grow up and do not take huge space. They look very ornamental. You can also grow them in the pots in your patio.

Radishes are the fastest growing plants. It only requires 45 days to be harvested. You can pick the grown radishes and replace them with the same variety or choose to grow some other crop.

Plant some cherry or grape tomatoes in the garden. They grow in clusters and are easy to pick. You can also grow them in containers. You can grow sweet peas in containers in your garden. Choose a large container with proper provision for water drainage. Plant some seeds. When they start growing, move them in the sun. With the support of a trellis, you can make the pea plants climb as they grow.

Herbs like rosemary, basil, and oregano are among the most sought-after ingredients in the kitchen. You can plant all these herbs together in small containers. This would give a nice look to your patio.

Nutritional food grown in your home garden adds to the optimal quality of life. Visit wellness made clear for more tips on how to look to nature for wisdom, remedy, and an overall happy life.