Five Home Decoration Ideas for a Stylish and Modern Home

We are constantly decorating and styling our homes to make them look modern because we want to keep up with the new styles of home decor and add a bit of personality to it. This is important because it adds a certain charm and helps the home look warm and inviting. However, it is also very probable that the chosen styles or designing themes are expensive and do not fit your budget. So, make sure that you keep the cost factor in mind. Also, choose a particular style that fits your home according to its size so that the house can be made to look cozy but not cluttered with too many items around.

modern home decor ideas

Given below are some ideas to decorate your home.

1. Paint Your Walls

Plan out what parts of your home you want to redecorate and then consider painting the walls to fit the new style of your home. The walls are the primary parts of your house and they have to be decorated properly. The color on your walls affects the entire look of your home. This is why it is wise to choose neutral colors or earthy colors for the walls. Neutral colors are not only very modern but also make the space look bigger and brighter. They reflect light better and do not overpower any other decorations in the room.

Avoid using very bright or dark colors. Block colors can be used on one walls but if they are used on all four then they will absorb all light and make the room look small and cramped.

2. Decide on the Furniture

Now after choosing the color for your walls, choose some complementary neutral colors for your furniture. You can also choose one piece of furniture with a contrasting color. This can be a large armchair, a sofa or even items like several cushions or pillows on a couch. This will add some color and make it look better than with all neutral tones.

At the end of a long day, you just want to put your feet up and relax, and your sofa or recliner is probably your best friend. Therefore the furniture you use should first and foremost be comfortable. Often there are beautiful pieces of furniture which might suit you style but in the end they turn out to be not as comfortable as you expected.

If you have a large living room, you can put in an L-shaped sofa in gray tones, and add a splash of color with some bright pillows. For a den or a study room, you can use funky beam bags and recliners that will let you rest while you take a break from work.

When it comes to dining room furniture, you can choose from various styles, like the wooden theme where you add a touch of woodwork with the chairs or the table, or you can also put in a crisper look with chairs that have a leather finish. The right type of furniture in any room will immediately increase its appeal no matter what size it is.

3. Choose Appropriate Lighting, Fans, and Electrical Fittings


Electrical fittings are essential. They might apparently seem very neutral and without any customization, but you can actually purchase different styles of light bulbs and fans that will blend in to the stylish look you have created for your home.

For corners of your rooms, you can use a small pearly glowing light which will give soft illumination, while for tables or picture frames; you can have an overhead lamp of required intensity. Colored lights can also be used but be careful not to use them in home offices or study rooms; you can rather use them to beautify your verandah or terrace garden.

Now, very often we can’t seem to find the right fan for the room. They might not complement the style or the color code, and this does not look very good. However, you will be able to find various fans online that come in many different styles, and you can easily pick the one that will suit the décor of your rooms.

Use unique Fanimation ceiling fans to change the entire look of your home, but be sure to choose the right one. For example, if your home as a retro or a classic décor, you can choose a drum ceiling fan that has a bold finish, in black or maybe brass, which will double as a statement piece for your rooms. In these fans, the blades are completely encased in a metal cage and because of this, they can even be used in kitchens, verandahs and porches where humidity can affect the blades. Or, you can also use a stellar ceiling fan with longer blades, which add an executive look with their minimalistic finish.

If you want to achieve a more contemporary look, then you can purchase a drone ceiling fan in a refreshing white color that will complement any look you create. With a sleek finish, they add a cool touch to the rooms and can be used in any part of the house which will not be exposed to too many outer factors, like wind, or dust. Sometimes, we desire for a kitschier look and this can be perfected by using dual ceiling fans with their blades twisted in different angles that can be adjusted.

4. Accessorize Your Rooms

Accessories add a touch of personality to your house. They can be as simple as a bright colored rug on a floor which is of a single color and also if the room has neutral colored walls. This rug will not only complement the furniture but also immediately provide a bit of accessory to the aspect of the room. Then there are certain things that you can do which will allow you to make your home look more contemporary, like for instance, if you have windows from floor to ceiling, then you can place your bed against the windows and enjoy the view outside.

Curtains are also essential accessories and you can use them according to the aspect of your home. Sheer roller blinds ensure privacy of your bedroom and make it look inviting. Now you might have a large window which opens to a marvelous view, but also lets in a lot of sunlight. This might be troublesome because too much of sunlight can cause glaring and also damage the furniture. To avoid this, you must invest in sunscreen blinds. Also, windows might need an elegant look at times, and this is best achieved with Roman blinds; the soft and subtle folds will give an attractive look to your rooms.

5. Use Everyday Items to Jazz up Your Home

When you are trying to style a home on a budget it might seem a difficult task. But you can actually add a lot of charm if you accessorize your home properly. You can use throw pillows or cushions for all your sofas and put in shelves which can be decorated with books, toys, show pieces, and small potted plants which are safe to grow indoors. You can put small decorative bowls, trays, candles, and other items on your tables and use nice tablecloth or other pieces of upholstery in the room. If you like oriental themes, you can add some tapestries to give a rich and exotic look.

If your walls seem a bit bare, try adding a splash of brightness with the oldest trick in the book, i.e. picture frames! Do you have several photographs that hold the magic of your best memories and you just can’t wait to have them displayed? Well, you can now use them in different types of frames like those made of mango wood, ceramic, steel or even plastic and paper pulp which will give a little personal details and embellishment to your walls.

Home décor is very essential. It echoes your personality and for a modern home, you don’t need to just rely on the crisp style that every magazine might display. You just need to rely on your tastes and combine them accordingly to bring an elegant and contemporary finish to your home.