7 Fun Gardening Activities Your Kids Will Love

In this technological day and age, it’s hard to find a family interest that will keep kids off their phones or away from the T.V. Well, child-friendly gardening activities are a great bonding experience for the family to enjoy outdoors. There are a handful of activities you can choose from!


1. Miniature Garden

In a small container or pot of the kids’ choosing, plant flowers they pick to make a miniature garden. You can add plastic toys like animals to create a unique look. Kids can do jungle, forest, fairy and other themes. Depending on sunlight placement, the miniature garden can be placed as decoration in their room!

2. Edible garden

In a designated area – like an upcycled sandbox or colored pots – grow fruits and veggies the kids would like to eat. There are even edible flowers you can do. Not only will they feel proud of what they accomplish but they will also be rewarded with a yummy, healthy snack. You can even make a “pizza garden” by growing yummy vegetables to put on the next homemade pizza! For safety, make sure the kids know to ask your permission before consuming anything in the garden.

3. Sporty Flowerbed

Do you have a home of sports fans? You can use gardening to get the family in team spirit! In the flower bed, strategically plant the letter or shape of your family’s favorite team. Use uncomplicated flowers to exhibit the team’s colors. This would be a flashy idea for the front yard!

4. Decorative Pond

Ponds are a refreshing way to liven the garden. You can design them in a variety of shapes and control the depth that you would like. The decorative parts are up to and the kids! Do you want sand and rocks for a Zen-like feel? An arrangement of flowers to grow a colorful creation! Fish can even be kept in them – what a fun! If you do plan on housing fish or other animals in the pond, make sure they can be properly cared for – especially during changing seasons.

5. Fairy Garden Ring

Fairy garden rings are a magical place for the kids. Plants of your choosing will be arranged in the shape of – you guessed it – a circle! Ornamental grasses will set the atmosphere and fragrant flowers are a nice, finishing touch. The kids will enjoy a magical space of their own for playing and sitting outside.

6. Window Garden

A beautiful, whimsy touch to add to the outside appearance of your is to grow window gardens. Containers are attached to the outside windowsill. The kids can paint the containers and pick the flowers they will like to see outside of their room. What is really cool is that this project will attract insects like ladybugs and butterflies! Make sure you take sunlight angles of the house into account so the kids’ hard work is setup for success.

7. Cactus Garden

This gardening project may be better fitted for older children. It has the same concepts as miniature gardens but the landscape is a desert, planted with angular cacti. For a Wild West theme, add plastic – small enough to fit – cowboy and Indian toys. You can also use them as centerpieces for the living room or dining room tables so the kids can show off their living masterpieces when you have company over.

Get the Tools Out

At waterdamagerestorationdallastexas.com, we understand the importance of family-time and learning. We believe gardening is a great opportunity to accomplish this! Get the garden tools out and round up the family, it’s time to be productive and have fun!