Things to Consider While Buying Teak Patio Furniture

Despite being a part of your outdoors, patio can be beautifully decorated and made into a cozy seating area. Given the comfort it offers, people prefer to buy teak furniture for their patio. However, teak furniture could often turn out to be large and heavy if you do not consider your space while buying it. You should also keep in mind the kind of décor you would like to have for your patio.


Here are some important considerations for people looking to buy teak patio furniture.

Types of Teak

There are different types of teak based upon the quality of the wood. The material of grade A teak is matured and hardened. The grains in the wood are densely packed but their patterns vary depending upon the location of the source. This teak has a warm honey color and it has an oily texture. Grade A teak is most expensive due to its texture and resistance power.

Grade B teak has a lighter shade of honey and the wood is not really matured before lumbering it as timber. It is not very shiny, nor oily.

Grade C teak is the weakest of the lot. It is not very hard and the color too is uneven since patches of dark and light shades are visible. It has no oil. Instead, presence of water content in large quantity makes it weaker than the other two types.

Often, inferior quality teak is treated with some harsh chemicals to change its composition and then sold as Grade A teak. To avoid this, make sure the teak furniture you are buying passes through standard checking procedures.

Machine-made vs Handmade Furniture

Try to buy teak patio furniture that has been constructed completely on machine. Machine made furniture will have almost no uneven areas, and the finishing will be much smoother. Furniture that is entirely handmade or that has been only partially constructed in a machine will tend to have some bumps or might not be fitted well.

Maintenance Required

Teak furniture often requires regular maintenance. But when you buy teak furniture for your patio, remember that it is not going to be easy to concentrate all your energy into cleaning the furniture. Instead, search for finer finishes and good quality furniture that has a protective layer so that too much dirt does not stick to it. You can also buy teak furniture that is painted with a classic shade. The paint not only gives it a protective coat but also makes your furniture look stylish. You can easily jazz up this look with colored cushions and linens.

Quality and Durability

When you buy furniture, just looking at the design and size is not enough. After checking the quality of the teak, make sure you check the craftsmanship, and understand the finer details of the work. For example, good quality furniture will be pieced together with European polyurethane or resin gum that makes it durable.

The fittings too should be made of high quality steel, preferably stainless steel. Brass fittings will also do, provided the material is of top quality. Since the furniture is for the patio, it must be resistant to natural external elements.

Bonus: Decoration Tips

After arranging the teak furniture, be sure to decorate the area. Teak may sometimes look bold and may overpower your surroundings. Therefore, arrange few rugs and plants around it. You can also have an overhead cover to make the spot warm and inviting.

Always prefer buying teak furniture that is not too heavy to move, so that you can use it for multiple purposes like an al fresco eating or maybe for an outdoor weekend brunch!