Add Life to Your Garden – Build a Pond!

Are you looking for ways to add life and colour to your garden? There are many things you can do that will make things brighter – flowering shrubs, flower borders and climbing plants such as wisteria are all very beautiful additions – but what about something more adventurous? In fact, what about a garden pond? If you think this is an expensive and high-maintenance idea, you’re not alone, but in fact it is not expensive at all. Once installed and settled, it is surprisingly low-maintenance and a very attractive addition to the garden.


If you like to attract wildlife to the garden – and who doesn’t enjoy watching the birds raise their chicks in the spring – then a pond will be a great choice. To begin with, you can buy very beautiful fish of a wide variety of species that will happily thrive in a garden pond, and you will also find some extremely beautiful water plants – glorious flowering lilies and more – that enhance the feature. But, it’s the natural visitors, those that will find your pond to be an attractive place to be, that are the most fascinating.

Amphibians and Insects

Think of a pond, and you think of frogs; despite what many people think, they are harmless and fascinating creatures that go about their lives quietly, and they will love your new pond! If you don’t have frogs visiting the garden, you may be able to find frogspawn in a local pond and bring it yours, and watch the tadpoles hatch and transform into frogs. Then there are the insects that will find the water attractive – damselflies and their bigger relatives, dragonflies, will flit around the water, snatching up smaller insects for food, and providing much needed movement and colour that you will always enjoy.

If you do have fish, beware of the very beautiful and majestic heron; while a welcome visitor in terms of fascination, he will make a meal of your precious goldfish or carp, so it pays to have a net across the pond to keep them safe. Also, your fish will like the water to be clean and healthy, so you need to install a pond pump that will keep it aerated. You can find more information on pumps at so have a look now.

Additional Features

Your pond can also be enhanced with additional features that will certainly add to the garden. What about a waterfall? These can be bought quite cheaply and work by pumping the water up to the top in a constant cycle, and are very attractive and quite soothing to watch. There are also many types of pond fountain that work in the same way, and you can add lighting for extra effect in the evening.

A pond is not just an attractive garden feature, it is a place where wildlife of many types will come to visit, so why not have a look at the different pond designs on offer, and you will see that there is one for your available space and budget.