5 Useful Products for Homesteaders

Homesteaders often look for ways to live a sustainable life with less reliance on others. Based on your background and location, you may prefer to grow your own produce and raise farm animals. Homesteading is all about the freedom of living your life as per your choice. However, to make your homesteading experience truly enjoyable, you may need several tools and products to help yourself with various tasks and activities. Here are a few useful products for homesteaders you may want to buy while planning your dream life:

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useful homesteader products

1. Precision Seeder and Planter

It can be a great help to have a precision planting device with consistent spacing and depth. Consider buying a planter that supports different types of seeds like radish, sweet corn, carrot, beans, spinach and peas. Planters usually come with several seed plates to help you plant different seeds. High quality steel or aluminum construction ensures that your equipment lasts longer and remains free from rust.

2. Canopy Tent

You may sometimes need to set up a temporary tent in your yard or garden for get-togethers and social gatherings. A pop-up canopy tent like this one can be helpful for such situations. This 10 ft x 10 ft tent features church-style windows in the sidewalls and can accommodate a gathering of up to 10 people. When not in use, you can easily convert the entire setup into a rolling suitcase.

3. Hand Trucks

Hand trucks are useful in moving boxes and heavy items within your property.  A four-wheeled truck is usually more convenient than a two-wheeled truck. However, you also get trucks that can be used both as a four-wheel cart or a two-wheel upright truck, depending on your requirement. A foldable hand truck with a compact design makes it easier to handle and store the empty truck, especially if you intend to keep it inside your car trunk.

4. Multipurpose Bungee Cords

Having a set of assorted multipurpose bungee cords can be useful in securing your belongings and in several other occasions such as keeping your tent in place or setting up a canoe tarp shelter. Bungee cord sets are usually available with different sizes of hooks, clips and ties. If these sizes are differentiated by colors, it aids in easy identification of the cords when you need them. Make sure that the cords you buy are elastic yet sturdy. Having high-quality plastic hooks can prevent your car from getting scratches.

5. Wood Glue

Wood glue comes in handy while working on building repairs, carpentry tasks and DIY projects. It’s advisable to go for a water-based adhesive. Look for an adhesive that offers faster curing and can be used indoors and outdoors. Make sure the adhesive you’re buying is suitable for different types of wood, such as hardwood, softwood and composites. Having an adhesive with natural wood color can help bring perfection to your work.