Top 10 Sites to Buy Fruit Trees Online

Buying fruit trees online can be a confusing thing since there are so many websites that claim to offer the best options. Also if you have a personal rapport with your local nursery, you may be hesitant about buying online. However we put together a bunch of options for where to buy fruit trees online based on recommendations of buyers and their experiences.

1. Stark Bros


Stark Bros is recommended by several fruit tree buyers and growers as offering a very wide range of fruit trees for sale. They have a long track record, and can also offer great advice about fruit tree growing.

2. Rain Tree Nursery


Rain Tree Nursery is also one of the recommended websites for buying fruit trees online. Their blog also offers tips about growing what they sell.

3. Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.


Gurney’s is another online nursery that sells not only fruit trees but also seeds, vegetable plants, shrubs, hedges, ornamental grasses, growing supplies, and more. Plus they offer a bunch of useful how-to gardening videos.

4. Miller Nurseries


Miller Nurseries are a family owned business that offers you a choice of 65 varieties of apple, berry plants, Asian pear, cherry, peach, nectarine, plum and more. They offer to ship at the proper planting time, whenever you place your order. Plus they have gift certificates and gifting ideas on offer.

5. Arbor Day


Arbor Day have a large variety of affordable fruit trees and offers of free shipping as well. You get 10 free trees with your membership.

6. Ken Muir


Ken Muir is a highly buying spot recommended by fruit tree growers in the United Kingdom area. Their helpful fact sheets offer information about how to deal with common fruit tree problems.

7. Black Moor


Black Moor is another recommended buying spot and one of UK’s leading specialist nurseries. Orders above 35 pounds will receive a free Fruit Grower’s Handbook.

8. Daley’s Fruit


Daley’s Fruit is based out of Australia and is recommended for buying fruit trees appropriate for the climate and growing conditions there.

9. Dawson’s Garden World


Dawson’s Garden World claims a 100 year’s experience in the gardening community. They also have interesting fact sheets, a magazine, gift vouchers, and so on.

10. Dave’s Garden


Dave’s Garden is a useful resource for gardeners since it offers information about which sites selling fruit trees and other gardening products are highly rated and why, based on feedback from customers. There is useful information if you’re looking for a particular plant, on which companies deliver on different parameters such as service, products and prices.