Setting up a Mini Greenhouse in Your Garden

Are you looking to grow vegetation the whole year round? Interested in nurturing plants that don’t generally spring to life in the dense woods? Greenhouse gardening is the hobby for you. Setting up a small greenhouse in your garden is not that difficult. However, there are few things you should keep in mind.


Have Necessary Infrastructure Before You Begin

Do not jumpstart the project, unless you build up a minimum infrastructure.

  • Benchmark a proper location in the backyard, basement corner, garage or a tool shed for the greenhouse.
  • The basic minimum condition to set up a mini greenhouse is airy space with a temperature ranging between 60-80 degrees with help of a power source.
  • To make yourself accessible to all your tiny saplings, make a paved way through the middle of the greenhouse.
  • Having plenty of headroom facilitates growing vegetables. You can as well hang tiny potted plants to give your greenhouse an all-decked up look.
  • Put up a power source in the form of heated bench, and fan to sow seeds.
  • Maintain a thermostat to regulate the temperature.

Proper Ventilation Is Important

Greenhouse ventilation is one of the significant factors for upkeep and maintenance.

  • Make sure to keep your greenhouse auto ventilated for free movement of air. Consider using something like AmCraft curtain walls and wall panels to improve light, shading and energy saving.
  • Latched window on the roof as well as on the sides are best for cross ventilation.
  • Roll up the greenhouse sides. The heated air within the greenhouse can escape through it whereas fresh air outside can enter in it.
  • Cross ventilation helps maintaining the humidity inside which restricts the formation of condensation.
  • Put up internal and external blinds to make room for flexible shading.
  • Blackout curtains help daylight control and saves additional energy.
  • You can customize your roll up curtain set up based on your needs and affordability. Single, double and triple curtains are available, tailor made to suit every grower.

Nurture Your Saplings

Keeping the saplings healthy and making them grow into strong plants is a real challenge.

  • Position the plants on a bench on one side of the greenhouse, with a shelf on top of it to grow seedlings.
  • Greenhouse crops grow best on bed. Prepare a bed and growbags to provide space for growth of your tender saplings.
  • You can place your seedlings trays on heating mats having a temperature of 70 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Water the plants at regular intervals. Evaporation of water during summer brings down the greenhouse temperature and cools off the surrounding air.
  • Rainwater harvesting is an option for source of water. You can otherwise go for tap water as a Plan B.
  • Arrange to drain out the excess water by using gravel soakaway around the base.

Follow these tips and you are all set to watch your plants grow in a beautiful mini greenhouse garden.