5 Great Ways to Add Quirky Fun Touches to Your Garden

Gardening is a terrific hobby – it improves fitness and mental wellbeing and gives you the satisfaction of watching beautiful things grow – a lot of which you can eat! But gardening can also be a lot of fun! This is an aspect of gardening that we tend not to think of much.

Think about it: your garden reflects not just your gardening skill but also your personality. So if you’re quirky, fun and zany, why shouldn’t your garden be all of that as well! Here are some fun and interesting garden accent ideas to help you do just that:

1. Solar Flowers

Lilies and roses are always beautiful and here’s another idea about what you can do with them. Solar lilies and solar roses are artificial flowers on metal stakes that can be installed anywhere in the garden.

These have built-in solar chargers that absorb the sun’s energy during the day and glow after dark to gently light up walkways, a bench, patio or garden nook.

2. Garden Gnomes


Garden gnomes have been popular garden ornaments for ages, but what’s new is gnomes that hold up little messages. Text message short forms are so much a part of our langue that these adorable gnomes also chat in text-speak: “LOL, “OMG” and “XOXO” and more!

You can also pick the traditional welcoming gnome with a “Welcome to our home” sign or the ruder gnome who tells you to “LEAVE”. Great for a few laughs! And then there are bird feeder gnomes, glow-in-the dark gnomes and solar light gnomes and even quirky “Gnomeo and Juliet” garden statues to choose from.

3. Wind-Chimes

Wind chimes look good, sound wonderful and are thought to bring good vibes into the home. You can pick a zany, quirky wind chime with a funny faced bird, a pretty one that features butterflies, an eco friendly option with solar lights, or a shimmery, gorgeous one in bronze or silver.

4. Tree Art

Would you like your tree to smile, to have buck teeth, to look like its yelling or perhaps look surprised? Well there is tree art available that will add these interesting touches to your garden.

5. Halloween Themed Garden Décor

With Halloween just around the corner, you may find some interesting Halloween themed garden décor right now. There is the smiling pumpkin garden spinner, spooky garden stakes featuring a bug eyed skeleton or an eerie ghost, or perhaps a happy faced witch that you may like.