How to Repair a Garden Hose Reel

A hose reel keeps the garden hoses neat and clean and prevents them from being punctured. But what will happen when this hose reel becomes faulty? Actually, there are many factors for that your hose reel may be faulty and not work properly. As replacing the hose reel is costly you should consider the repairing as the first option. Many problems arising up with your hose reel can be repaired easily. You just have to fix the problems with following the proper steps.


And for you in this write-up, I have brought up a step by step guideline on how to repair a garden hose reel. Let’s see.

What Accessories You’ll Need

As an initial step of repairing your garden hose reel, you have to collect some accessories. But you will need very hard tools for that. You will easily find these accessories at your nearby hardware shop. To some extent, you will need the following accessories for the repairing task.

  • Safety Glasses
  • Utility Knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrenches
  • Tape

Step by Step Guideline on Repairing a Garden Hose Reel

When you face any trouble with your hose reel then you have to follow some step to get it repaired. The fixing may be as easily that simply tightening the hose connection can solve the problem. But sometimes you may have toil more to fix it. In brief, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Find Out the Source

To find out where the problem is, unwind the hosepipe fully because it is difficult to find out the problem of the reel when the hose of it is wound up.

Step 2: Check, Clean or Replace the Rubber Gaskets

All the connections of the hose reel are generally made with rubber gasket ring. This rubber gasket ring usually helps to prevent leaking. But when it is dried up with the dust, it can’t work properly and consequently, leakage is made.

As solution just clean it up and add silicone grease. But when it is severely cracked or dried out, it is better to replace with a new gasket.

Step 3: Tighten the Connections

When your gasket’s shape is good enough, then you can have fixed the problem by just hand-tightening of the hose connection. Actually, in that case, your hose reel may have a simple leak. You have to find out the leak first.

Go through metal-to-metal connections and then tighten up the connection with a wrench. But don’t over tighten when it is a metal-to-plastic connection as the plastic could break.

Step 4: Check the Cross Threading of the Plastic Water Systems

If your hose reel comes with a plastic water system, check its cross threading. To do it detach the hose from the reel and then inspect the threads of the plastic water system. If you find any of the threads broken or cut off, try to repair it by patching with tape. But if it is severely broken up it is better to replace the entire water system as a permanent fixing.

Step 5: Contact with the Manufacturer

As a last option when you fail to repair the reel as your own, you should call on the manufacturer of the reel. Only they can help you with some other steps.

Final Verdict:

Repairing a garden hose reel I think won’t be a hard task to you if you just follow these simple steps. But if the trouble in your hose reel is more complicated then I recommend you to take help from your manufacturer.