Understanding Green Pest Control Methods

Contrary to popular belief, green pest control does not mean that it is ineffective pest control. Instead, this is a method that is much more about IPM or integrated pest management. With a good green pest control company, you will find that they will offer client education and awareness, building inspections and prevention to help you properly control pests. If you are interested in green pest control options, you will want to make sure that you do your research before having any services done.

green pest control

Integrated pest management will often start with trying to map out where the pest started to enter the building. People who are trained in this field will have a great deal of knowledge on all of the pests that can be found within the home along with their traits and life cycles. Along with that will be a decent knowledge of all of the places that each pest in question will prefer to nest. With all of this knowledge, these green extermination services will be able to use techniques for prevention that will cause the least amount of harm to your property, family members, pets and even the plants that you have within your home.

Instead of dealing with harmful chemicals, a green pest control company will work with traps, solar powered repellents, natural treatments and even a walkthrough of the areas of your home that may be compromised. Quite often, you will find that you can replace your screens on windows and doors, put in new caulking and even replace your door sweeps to give yourself an extra level of protection from pests that will help you to prevent them from coming inside ever again.

Most of the companies that deal in green extermination and prevention will set up action thresholds to help monitor the pests that are within the home and to help identify all of them that are present. While conventional exterminators will usually spray the area using pesticides, a green company will work to implement methods that will not only get rid of the bugs but will also help to make it so they do not want to return anytime soon.

As you get ready to hire a green pest control company, take the time to look around to see what might be available in your local area. Sometimes, you may even find a company that will come to your home to do a free assessment and go over with you what all of your options are.

During the assessment, the green exterminator can talk with you about the types of methods that they use and give you an idea of what you might be looking at in terms of cost for services. If you are pleased with the quote that they give you for services, you can set up an appointment to have them come in and complete the method or methods that you have chosen. In the end, you will have a pest free home without having to worry about the introduction of harmful chemicals.